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Analysis &
Business Intelligence

Leverage your data to understand your customers and sales funnels. Predicting lifetime value, retention rate, or purchasing patterns can help your business capture opportunities as they arise.

Quantitative UX Research

Understand user behaviour and User flow is essential to inform product teams and improve the experience. I design and implement clickstream analysis and split testing to turn User data into actionable insights. 


While getting people at the door can make or break your product, keeping them onboard will be key to your long-term success. I'll study User, Revenue and Transactional Churn to better inform product and management teams, helping them lead strategy.


Product Development and technology transition

Whether your organisation is in an ongoing a phase of platform transition or just started to invest in your analytics resources, I’ll help you make the best use of your Tableau resources by supporting the set up of Tableau’s technology as well as helping your team with best practices through on-going support and training.

Design mapping with Mapbox

Tableau has amazing mapping capabilities but when used in combination with Mapbox, we can create compelling new custom maps. Mapbox extends considerably the mapping capabilities of Tableau by allowing us to create custom map design and integrating them into Tableau dashboard in a fully interactive and dynamic multi-dimension dashboard. Fitting your brand regardless of your audience and where the visualization will be viewed. 

Visualisation Design

I design beautiful dashboards. Whether you need to support your team and build actionable operational dashboards or provide your C-level team with the right tools to make critical decisions, I’ll support you with Tableau. By applying visual analytics methods and data visualisations best practices, Tableau can help us communicate your data in a more impactful way, making any data useful quickly.


By asking the right questions and working with your team to understand your needs, I will make your Tableau implementation faster, more efficient and cost effective.

Tableau data analysis

Max Marboeuf


I'm a data analyst, quantitative user researcher, apprentice photographer and avid traveler. I have experience working with desktop and mobile analytics, growth, global non-profit organisations, reporting, and data-driven journalism projects.


I work with some stellar folks


Storytelling at Financial Times

The data blog team works extensively on data visualisation and became leader in the UK for economics and financial interactive visualisation. This data visualisation was produced and published following the release of a report by the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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